Saturday, August 22, 2009

I went to the Grand Canyon when I was much younger, apparently. I can't remember it, of course, but I went this past week and so YAY have a couple observations I want to make:

1. My group went a day before Michelle Obama (and family) spent a day there. She's been given such a hard time for wearing shorts but it's ARIZONA and HOT and ARIZONA!!! Why does the nation obsess over the most ridiculous things?

2. I was surprised not to see any plaques or brochures pushing an evolutionary stance. If they existed, I didn't see them. And you may say, "Well that's not a big deal, Matt, why would they have those things?" BUT I did see a plaque with a verse from Psalms. PLUS there was a worship area where a group meets every day of the week to acknowledge the glory that creation brings the Creator. Yeah-ah.

3. Driving from Scottsdale to the Grand Canyon and back again is a long day of driving.