Monday, December 29, 2014

Ready to Read?

God wants to make 2015 an incredible year for you. A year of real growth. Please join me in reading through the Bible in a year. On January 1st, I'll be posting daily videos/pictures for our Bible readings.

Every day there will be an Old Testament and a New Testament reading. By the end of the year, you will not only have read the entire Bible but also will have a great sense of how the Bible has inspired people across the Internet.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

15 Days Until Artist Reading Program

Make a New Year's Resolution: read the entire Bible in 2015. Because wouldn't you love to know the overall story of the Bible?

Every day I'll be posting an inspiring video or piece of art for that day's Bible passage. We'll work through Scripture together, and you'll experience great spiritual growth. It all starts here in 15 days (on January 1st).

Saturday, December 6, 2014

25 Days Until Artist Reading Plan

Do you want to read through the entire Bible but haven't found a reading plan that you can finish? It's like a diet plan -- you have the best of intentions but somehow, you slowly lose momentum.

In 25 days I'm launching a reading plan to encourage you. For every passage of the Bible I have found a video or piece of art that is inspired by that passage. Some days it's a funny skit and other days it's a reflective painting. Interested?

The reason I've found videos for every passage is because I want to help you fall in love with the bigness of God's story. The Bible is inspired and inspiring, and many are creating art in response to God. I believe that fun or thought-provoking videos can help you feel more excited to complete a Bible reading plan.

Here are some great words from a N.T. Wright on the importance of reading the Bible:

So join me right here, starting January 1st, and we'll discover some of the incredible ways that the Internet is experiencing God's story.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Media for Every Passage in the Bible

I've put together something special for you in 2015. It's an artists Bible, or more specifically, a Bible reading plan that will have a daily piece of media inspired by that passage.

Dance routines, paintings, comedy skits, etc., I have scoured the Internet to find the best of the best. Why? Because I want to encourage you to stay in God's Word. A Bible Reading Plan might become more of a habit if you are daily encouraged with a piece of art inspired by Scripture.

So join me in artistically reading through the Bible in 2015, starting here on January 1st.

Here are three things I've learned in finding media for every Bible passage:

     1. It is easy to find cutesy Sunday School lessons and individual verses plastered on simple photo backdrops. Beyond that? It begins to get really difficult to find anything worthwhile. It bothers me that it isn't easier to find quality Christian art online. So let's get inspired and begin to share our faith in authentic, vibrant new ways! Let's do more than post a monologue in a comments section, or create watered down versions of Bible stories for kids.

     2. The groups that are currently most active discussing Christianity online have a skewed view of Christ. These groups include atheists but also religious offshoots that have a different understanding of Jesus. Whether we like it or not, these perspectives are impacting the way digital natives experience religion.

     3. I really appreciate people with artistic ability! I am not a visual artist myself. Praise God that we each have different skills and passions. When I stumble across an excellent piece of Christ-centered art, I feel uplifted and encouraged. I believe our various gifts are meant to be used for God's glory.

If you have ever felt inspired by something that referenced the Bible, please share with me your experience. I would love to add your contributions to my calendar and make this Bible Reading Plan a collaborative project.