Friday, December 4, 2009

What to post today?

I miss the old days of blogging, you know, when early teenager Matt would write any and everything into a journal that was oh-so-private and yet oh-so-read and commented on by all my friends. I miss reading their blogs, each feeling so unique, as if we all were working on some grand project but could confide absolutely any piece of information we wanted.

When you're young like that, writing has no agenda. In fact, our only agenda was to not have an agenda. If I was thinking of God that day, I would write about God, my faith, prayer life, etc. If I was thinking about the rubber sole of my shoe, well psh, I'd write about that.

Adults don't blog like that. Every shared thought, blog, letter, phone conversation... has a purpose behind it. Now don't get me wrong, I'm thrilled to hear about someone's life and their current need or project. I not only am blessed by that correspondence but it reminds me of the profound work God has in store for my community, the nation, the world. That type of writing is absolutely necessary and desired and beneficial, please don't misunderstand what I'm saying. I just wouldn't mind getting the same substance in a slightly different format (from the mini-sermon blog post, the anecdotal image that is profound post, the exhausted because waiting for provision and hope post). >-<

I wish the everyday-ness of tweets slipped into the rest of our sites, and the intention of newsletters/blogs slipped into the mundane-ness of tweeting and facebook. I wish frivolous projects went hand-in-hand with the profound.

After all, wouldn't that make our sharing seem less... agenda-filled? Wouldn't a dash more frivolity show that our first and foremost service to God is to enjoy our relationship with Him, to increase His glory by reflecting back the very nature of Christ? "This is who I am world, take it or leave it, I'm a guy who loves Christ and all my serious and not-so-serious projects are a result of the freedom, grace, hope, and truth that I have in God." Anyway :-P it's been three months since I posted on this blog so these thoughts seemed an appropriate apology/beginning.


  1. Ahh yes blogging. It's start out so fun. You're the 2nd person I've read lately to express these types of thoughts.