Saturday, December 6, 2014

25 Days Until Artist Reading Plan

Do you want to read through the entire Bible but haven't found a reading plan that you can finish? It's like a diet plan -- you have the best of intentions but somehow, you slowly lose momentum.

In 25 days I'm launching a reading plan to encourage you. For every passage of the Bible I have found a video or piece of art that is inspired by that passage. Some days it's a funny skit and other days it's a reflective painting. Interested?

The reason I've found videos for every passage is because I want to help you fall in love with the bigness of God's story. The Bible is inspired and inspiring, and many are creating art in response to God. I believe that fun or thought-provoking videos can help you feel more excited to complete a Bible reading plan.

Here are some great words from a N.T. Wright on the importance of reading the Bible:

So join me right here, starting January 1st, and we'll discover some of the incredible ways that the Internet is experiencing God's story.

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  1. Excellent Blog, my friend. Thank you! Rick Widner @ SPC