Sunday, October 11, 2015

Bodily Practices

Today's Reading: Isaiah 37-38 and Colossians 3

Prayer is not just intellectual. We see that with Hezekiah's desperate prayer, and the 'putting on the new self' in Colossians 3. Here is a powerful quote from author Barbara Brown Taylor from her book 'An Altar in the World: A Geography of Faith':

"To make bread or love, to dig in the earth, to feed an animal or cook for a stranger — these activities require no extensive commentary, no lucid theology. All they require is someone willing to bend, reach, chop, stir.

Most of these tasks are so full of pleasure that there is no need to complicate things by calling them holy. And yet these are the same activities that change lives, sometimes all at once and sometimes more slowly, the way dripping water changes stone.

In a world where faith is often construed as a way of thinking, bodily practices remind the willing that faith is a way of life.”

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