Thursday, December 10, 2015

Modern Retelling of Hosea

Today's Reading: Hosea 1-4 and Revelation 1

Here's a very well done modern retelling of the story of Hosea. It comes in 6 parts and this is part 1. For more information and links to the other parts, click through to the Vimeo page. Enjoy!

The Hosea Love Story - Part One from Andrew Smith on Vimeo.

I've posted a couple Worldview Everlasting videos (where Internet Meme Culture is added to Bible Study). The guy who does those has posted a lecture series he gave on the book of Revelation. I haven't listened to all the lectures yet so I don't know if I agree with his presentations, but I still thought it was worth the mention.

And here's Bibledex - Hosea and Bibledex - Revelation

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