Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Hidden Acres Camp in Dayton, Iowa

Yesterday my wife and I crashed the first day of a pastors and wives retreat at Hidden Acres Camp in Dayton, Iowa. At Hidden Acres there is a special cabin (called the 'Wester Cabin') which is available, for free, for any full-time ministry worker looking for some rest and relaxation.

We had such a wonderful stay. I think we drove down imagining we would be staying in the kind of camp cabins we've seen at other locations, with a few bunk-beds and a simple bathroom, no kitchen. We were not expecting king-size bed, full kitchen, fireplace, bath-tub with spa jets, etc.

Plus, the cabin is tucked away from the main buildings of camp which gives it a peaceful, secluded feel. I kept daydreaming about taking a writer's retreat there for an extended period, either a few days or a full week. Oh, that would be incredible.

But this stay was just a quick overnight, to visit with my grandparents, get a tour of the Wester cabin (and the rest of camp), and sit-in on what ended up being the best sermon on the feeding of the 5000 that I have ever heard, yeah-ah.

Another big highlight was learning the game Qwirkle. Have you heard of this game? It is like Scrabble but there are 6 shapes and 6 colors, and you fill a grid with sudoku-style strategy. When you get a full row of six (a complete set), you get bonus points. My wife got a triple-set at one point, which must be a big deal because my grandma excitedly grabbed the camera to document the occassion:

If you work in ministry, remember to give yourself a break. Sometimes we fall into the trap of thinking we need to be in all places for all people. That's God's job; and we are most effective when we take our Sabbath rest, trusting Him to provide strength, and seeking His will. So be blessed, be a blessing.

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