Saturday, May 6, 2017

I See You Abattoir

Every year I challenge myself with a "project." In 2016 it was the Tim Challies Reading Challenge. In 2015 it was an Artists Bible Reading Plan where I found art for every section of the Bible. This year, believe it or not, I'm still plugging away at my "Life Sized Word Search" where I'm on the lookout for real life instances of words starting with aa- and eventually working my way to the end of the alphabet. It's a silly project but that's okay because I find it fun.

The rules are that I can't provoke these instances of the words. They have to be "naturally occurring" (and can't be from reading on the Internet either). I'm trying not to jump too far ahead in my search list so right now, for example, I'm particularly on the lookout for: aba, abaca, abaft, abase, abbreviation, abdicate, abeam, abecedarian, abele, aberdeen, angus, abet.

I have been amazed at what words I keep seeing everywhere. Abattoir!! I thought it would take me forever to stumble across this word but I've seen it in multiple books, on Netflix, I feel like it's everywhere. At the same time I'm about 100% sure that I haven't heard an instance of "abecedarian" yet this year. Who woulda thunk.

For record keeping, here's a list of words I've marked off since last posting:

Reality is Broken book: 6 abstain, adaptive, 79 asynchronous, 169 abrasive, 196 adapted, 226 autotelic,
Kerri Webster poetry book: 3 alluvial, 3 accordioned, 4 amphora, 8 adorns, 25 ajar, 26 anemone, 33 alluvial
Library of Souls book: 343 apiece, 376 ahold, 381 accretion, 382 ablaze, 383 burble, 415 advantageous, 428 adolescence, 430 adventure, 440 adhesive, 
Cheese Monkeys book: 7 acquitted, 29 ablaze, 127 agape, 143 abattoir, 160 abnormal, 160 apse, 172 afflict, 202 acclimated, 217 acres, 232 acrylic, 240 affixed, 262 acetate. 
Life’s Imponderables book: 35 affairs
The Road book: 116 accrue
Become a Pastor book: 176 acacias, 
Abortion - In Louis C.K. 2017 comedy special. 
Abate - motorcycle gathering in Algona
Lion Witch Wardrobe book: 8 ahead, 111 alighting, 
A Simple Plan movie: accomplice
James 1: Adrift
1 Corinthians 15: affidavits in The Message translation
Aberrant in Mindfulness reading.
Movie on netflix called Abattoir
Enneagram Book: (but Song of Solomon quote) adjure, 111 adulating, 119 abstemious, 147 adrenaline, 151 abstemiousness, 
Typo Hunt book: 27 accosted, 
Miss Peregrine’s book (the third):  58 abattoir, 60 aboard, 62 abreast, 67 acute, 73 accursed, 120 abductor, 295 addicts, 296 abandoned, 
Hot Afternoons Have Been in Montana (poetry book): 33 balustrade. 74 abrasions. 
NPR Radio: “acerbic wit” about Scalia supreme court.
Klosterman But What if We're Wrong book. 20 adjectives. 24 abnegating. anodyne. abstractions, adversity, aforementioned, alderman, 
Rereadings edited by Anne Fadiman: 95 absentmindedly, 127 acute, 133 adequate and admirer, 136 accorded, 147 afloat, 153 acrobat, 153, aboard, 172 adapting, 197 absence, 204 aesthete, 210 abrupt, 214 advice, 228 adult,
Influx book: accosting
Daring Greatly book: 189 acute, 208 acumen, 215 adhere, 218 admissions, 221 acquisitions, acceptance, 224 addiction, 228 addition, 244 accountability, 
Publish this Book book: 3 akin, aforementioned. 7 adjuster. 9 admittedly. 14 ah. 18 able. 39 advance. 45 accountant. 49 aficionado. 57 affinity. 76 aghast. 79 abstinence. 100 al detente. 107 accuracy, 237 acquitted, 272 affecting, 359 afield, 
Little Girls in Church poetry book: 39 abbey. 
Mark 14. Abba.
Episode of Brooklyn 99. Accusatorily.
Movie ‘Step Dad.’ Affable.
Books for Living: 108 acumen, 122 advocate, 

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