Saturday, April 18, 2009

Beyond Soda

I have a new love... and that new love is Pop the Soda Shop which is at McDowell and 74th Street. The entire store is filled with specialty sodas from around the world, most pretty bizarre. My kinda place.

Somehow Brent convinced me to split the cost of a Root Beer Keg. Sigh, haha. So now I can truthfully say, "I've bought a keg." What has this youth group done to me!?

This communist soda has got to be one of the funniest sodas in there. "There's a party in every bottle..." "A taste worth standing in line for..." "Lininade..."

Who wouldn't love that?

Here's a Japanese soda. Unlike the Leninade, this soda seems less gimicky, more genuine. I don't think it necessarily makes me an honorary Japanese citizen... but it certainly brings me one step closer.

And here's a soda that's really popular in Austria. Oompah?

Brain Wash, blue flavor. The kids insisted. Would they say why? No. Does that make me suspicious and scared? Of course.

The tamest scenario I'm imagining is that it will turn my mouth blue. But I honestly don't know...

If anyone finds out the dangers of this soda, contact me IMMEDIATELY before I drink it within the next 24 hours.


  1. I've GOT to go to that store. I LOVE THIS!

  2. Awesome! And thanks for your comment, by the way.

    May I recommend another soda from Japan?! Melon CREAM soda! :D It's actually a little too sweet for me personally, but the guys in Japan were just a little short of obsessed with it... And if they don't have it at that store, I know a place where they sell it in Tempe!

  3. Well, there is a Japanese market in Tempe on the southeast corner of University and Priest. It's pretty small, but they do have melon cream soda there, C.C. Lemon (another amazing soda with 70 lemons' worth of vitamin C!), AND a bunch of other awesome drinks, food, and other cool things from Japan I highly recommend it!