Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Totally possible

Recently someone accused me of expecting the impossible. So below I've described a very realistic and possible scenario --- so possible that it could happen at any moment, really --- like now... ... ... well anyways, I can't imagine a more realistic and possible scenario than this:

She says, "Oops, I'm sorry, I just bumped into you on accident. Which is odd because people normally describe my movements as incredibly graceful. But I guess I was just too lost in thought --- that happens sometimes, I have to admit --- I love how many interesting things are out there to think about, discuss with others... new hobbies to discover and interests to share. Plus, I find that depth and integrity are really great building blocks for establishing healthy relationships with others, ya know what I mean? Before I bumped into you I was busy thinking about my loving Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ. I don't know how you feel about God, faith... what your background is. Of course I'll always lend an open ear if you'd like to talk about it. But all I know is that God has been so good to me, and even though I absolutely don't deserve it He's patiently taught me. I can look back on the last few years and see, wow, that God has really transformed my heart into something I never used to be able to imagine. There are still the occasional moments where I doubt if I'm really good enough, or how in the world God could ever love a person like me, but I remember verses I've memorized and I'm comforted by the knowledge that God truly does want to work through me. Eeps, I hope I'm not making you uncomfortable. There's my verse pack over there, it must have been knocked down when we bumped. Oh, and there are the poetry books I like to read too, right next to the iPod with all those indie bands I'm always finding on music blogs. Ah, dorky me, why am I spilling all of this information to you? I guess there's just something different about you... I feel this comfort, like we've known each other for decades. Normally I'm slightly closed off. People will comment on my beauty ::people to the side are talking about how beautiful she is:: but that's never been the most important thing to me, so it's slightly embarassing. I'm actually kinda shy, really. Most days I'd rather curl up by a fire with a good book, maybe write in a journal, and spend time with the people who matter the most to me. Sigh, if only I met a guy who loved God first and foremost. A guy like that could be drawing strength from the right source, that way he'd be able to really keep a marriage together in a powerful way. If only... if only I met a guy who I could love in a similar way, a guy who was okay with how much time I spend with the Lord and how often I'll pull open my Bible (the English, Hebrew, and Greek all next to each other). It's certainly realistic and possible for me to eventually meet a guy like that. He must be out there somewhere. So if, no, i mean WHEN I find that guy, we're going to have the most ridiculously fun and God honoring relationship ever."

So see! Evidence is above, we can all picture these words pouring out of someone's mouth. It's not like this scenario is any way rare :-P It's not like the odds of this happening are in any way small. It's not like the chances of meeting a girl who is uber-genuine with her faith, not perfect but growing over time and interested in sharing her thoughts with people she cares for... it's not like the chances of meeting her are so astronomically small that you can almost use the word "impossible."


  1. lol. It's so funny to hear the "guys" side of things. So often I hear similar longings from girls I meet with and from friends.

    Keep waiting...
    Ps 37:7 Be still before the LORD and wait patiently for him;

    I know your wife will be AMAZING!

  2. This is Ryan.
    So, I first started reading your post thinking that you were the one who was talking. And when you started talking about finding a godly guy to marry, I became rather worried about you. It became awkward to continue reading and I thought that I would have to call you up and ask if everything was ok. But then I looked at the bottom of the post and saw that the person who was talking was actually a girl, then everything clicked into place! Whew! That was close! :)

  3. I often think about how I would meet my soulmate. I picture being in the supermarket and we both reach for the same melon... our hands touch, we lock eyes... and it clicks.

    Melons. Thats how I want it to happen.