Thursday, April 9, 2009



It really sucks to be an imperfect human being, doesn't it?

I mean, let's be honest --- it's miserable to be trapped in this body that does things I don't want it to do, to have a mind that thinks things I don't want it to think.

As I enter into Good Friday, I'm opening myself up to the sobering reality of my imperfection. By the time I get to Sunday I'll be ready for the full celebration of a Savior who loves and transforms me. But until then... Matthew 9:12, Psalm 119:147, Psalm 22:6,11, ...


  1. haha i read matthew 9:12 now im going to read the other ones tonight.. did you like post this after our discussion last night???

  2. wow.. lol alsothe commit on facebook? lol i noticed that lol