Saturday, February 28, 2015

A Fantastic Party

Today's Reading: Numbers 17-19 and Mark 6:30-56

In today's reading we see Jesus miraculously feed thousands. I would call that a pretty good party. Of course, Jesus always performs miracles for a purpose. Feeding the crowds a single meal is good but proving His divinity is even better. Jesus wants us to realize that His offer of a relationship with God is the real deal.

I'm married (and a Levite) but in honor of our Old Testament passage for today, I'm going to share some dating advice with our single readers: There's this thing called "the Christian Pickup Line."

The image below is a pickup line found on Twitter. Another great one is when you sit down next to someone, you ask, "Is this seat saved? Are you?" Then you either start dating or you share the Gospel message. Either way, you win!


If you're itching for some old school Audio Adrenaline then check out this song which sings of Jesus walking on the water (that we see at the end of our Mark passage).

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