Saturday, February 14, 2015

Judas and his (lack of) Remorse

Today's Reading: Leviticus 15-16 and Matthew 27:1-26

Today's clip is particularly fascinating (and heartbreaking). In it, a musician by the name of Tim Minchin plays the part of Judas in a new revival of Jesus Christ Superstar. But here's the thing: Tim is an outspoken atheist.

The result is that I'm always really hit by the emotion of this clip. It's heavy on several levels.

So check out this scene where Judas sings right before he dies.


If you wonder why Tim Minchin tried out for this musical, here is an interview where he gives some explanation.

I'm trying not to post full sermons for this reading plan but the following sermon from Rob Bell is an interesting one. He uses props to help us understand Leviticus 16. Here is the sermon and remember, by posting this I am not saying I agree with Rob Bell's theology, I just present it as an example of something inspired by this passage of Scripture.

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  1. Thanks for that link to Rob Bell's sermon there Matt. That was really enjoyable (to me).