Friday, January 2, 2015

Cain, Able, and Noah

Today's Reading: Genesis 4-6 and Matthew 2
Let's admit it, the Bible can be intimidating for most of us. It's a long book with plenty of names and information. These guys (at The Bible Project) help to take away the intimidation factor and show us why the Bible is so incredible. Their videos are artistic, accessible, and I highly recommend them. Check it out:

Is there a part of the Bible that you wish you understood better? For example, this year I would love to gain a deeper understanding of the Minor Prophets section of the Bible.


Can you handle more sand art? Here's a video inspired by Matthew 2.

The band ApologetiX takes popular songs and changes the lyrics to reflect Scripture. Here is a song that changes the lyrics of the song Hotel California (which is a little dated, sure, but still a great song).

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