Sunday, January 4, 2015

Tower of Babel

Today's Reading: Genesis 10-12 and Matthew 4
I'm a language nerd so Babel has always fascinated me -- does it mean we'll revert to a single language when in Heaven? Or will we simply understand one another like everyone could during Pentecost? Either way, the heart of the this story is that humankind had forgotten God. Pride puffs us up and makes us think we don't need Him in our lives. With that in mind, confusing our language was an incredibly loving thing for God to do.

The above song (Babel by Mumford & Sons) was inspired by the Tower of Babel.

'Chuck Knows Church' is a fantastic Methodist series that covers a huge range of passages and topics. Check it out at


This blog post mentions that John MacArthur found Genesis 10 to be one of the most difficult passages he has ever had to preach.

This piece is by Amy Hardy

This piece is by Pieter Bruegel

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