Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Moses and the Burning Bush

Today's Reading: Exodus 1-3 and Matthew 14:1-21

If you ever played World of Warcraft then you'll appreciate this cartoon from Penny Arcade. God had a quest for Moses. Would he accept?

I'm linking back to The Bible Project one last time for their overview of Exodus 1-18.

There was a fantastic miniseries that appeared online in 2013 called The Bible. Here is a video of Moses and the burning bush from that series.

Kevin Ohlin creates vector illustrations for verses throughout Scripture. His art can be found here and includes a great image for Exodus 3:2.

By the way, what I love most about the burning bush text is that Moses uses every category of excuse. When I think of all the ways I try to squirm out of things, it always comes back to one of these 5:
      1. I'm not qualified
      2. I'm not smart enough
      3. I'm not strong enough
      4. Someone else could do it better
      5. I'm scared/ I don't want to do this

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