Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Quail out your Nostrils

Today's Reading: Exodus 16-18 and Matthew 18:1-20

So the wandering Israelite people get free food (manna). It tastes like candy. Seriously. They do the only logical thing which is to start whining about all God is not giving them. Wait, what?

It would be easy to judge them except don't you and I find ourselves treating God the same way? We're not content with all the provisions He has given us. We scramble to get back into slavery. Thankfully God knows how to guide us.

The song above is by the late singer Keith Green. It's an oldy but goody, and I love his passion for evangelism. I sometimes share a story I heard about Keith Green...

Keith was about to play a large stadium and the announcer was getting the crowd warmed up. The announcer said, "Everyone give it up for Jesus!" And everyone applauded. Then the announcer said, "And give it up for Keith Green." and the crowd went wild. Keith Green came out and said, "You just cheered louder for me than your Lord and Savior." He walked off and didn't play the show that night.

He died at the age of 29 in a tragic plane crash. The world needs more believers like Keith Green. I'm going to be reading a biography on him soon to find out more stories about his short-lived but faithful life.


Audio Adrenaline wrote a song about Matthew 18:12-14 called Leaving 99

You never know what strange songs you're going to come across when you're surfing youtube. This song uses the Exodus text as its lyrics. It's odd.

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