Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Jacob Wrestling the Angel

Today's Reading: Genesis 31-32 and Matthew 9:18-38

Wrestling with God? Yeps. We can't help ourselves. Whether we're talking Jacob the man, Israel the nation, or God's people in every nation, the truth remains the same: our approach to God is very push and pull.

Thankfully, God loves us even though we wrestle with Him. God loves us enough to give us a new name and a new identity.

The above artwork is by Gustave Doré, who also created famous etchings for The Divine Comedy and The Raven, among others. Last year I read a book by Walter Moers that took book etchings of Doré and created an entirely new story to re-appropriate the art. Good fun.


Are you curious how many other people are interested in Bible Reading Plans? This blog post at the site openbible.info charts the numbers. The charts are comical; in January and August there are ridiculously big spikes.

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